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R5 Imagines

Wassup everybody!!
I’m bored so I’m gonna do a few #Imagines
Hope you like them!

1. #Imagine you twisted your ankle and went to the emergency, when you suddenly see Ross running in, shouting: “Where is she? Is she okay? Please don’t tell me she is dead? I can’t live without her! I love her” While you’re just sitting behind a curtain, perfectly fine ^^
2. #Imagine you’re new in town and you lost your way. You decide to ask someone, you tap his shoulder and it’s Riker. You ask him the way and he says: “I’ll bring you home if you’re going to diner with me tomorrow, just to make sure you find your way back to me *winks*”
3. #Imagine Rocky is trying to teach you how to surf but rejects to give you your own surfing board, so you must go with him on his bord.
4. #Imagine you’re going to meet Ryland his family for the first time, when you go in Stormie comes to you and says: “Oh wauw, good job Ry! She’s gorgeous!”
5. #Imagine Rydel coming up to you random on the street after the group has been staring at you for 15minutes. Rydel: “Hey, my brothers think you’re hot, wanna hang out?”

Hope you liked them!

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